The AMP Halo

Find haven for your smartphone with the AMP Halo, a premium wireless charging pad. Enhance your charging experience.

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The AMP Shelf

The AMP Shelf is a public charging stations for customers of Burgers Tacos Wings in Georgetown, DC. See how AMP can keep your customers powered up at your business location.

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AMP Premium Chargers

Our mission is to change the way you charge your devices. We create premium and innovative chargers designed to be efficient, ergonomic, and intuitive. Charging shouldn't be a chore, it should be seamlessly integrated into the way you use your phone.

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Meet the AMP Halo

Enhance your charging experience with the premium AMP Halo Wireless Charging Pad. Find haven for your phone, and ditch your boring cable.

The compact and light weight design of the Halo makes it the perfect travel companion


Experience charging haven with 10/7.5W Fast Wireless Charging with the Halo


The low profile & LED lighting of the Halo makes it a luminous centerpiece

AMPlify your Business

We build, install, and maintain customized charging stations in your location as a marketing tool. Bring in more customers and build real relationships by offering charging as a free service within your business. If you own a business that provides hospitality, we help you cater to your customers needs with our charging solutions.

Charging on Demand

In the digital age, smartphones have consumed peoples attention almost entirely. A recent survey from LG reveals that 22% of people would order something from a restaurant just to charge their phone. Take back customer's attention by offering free charging on demand as a service.

Customized Solutions

What makes AMP different from other business charging stations? We cater to your needs and your location by working with you from the ground up throughout the entire design and engineering process. We help you bring your exact vision to reality with fully custom designed and engineered stations.

See Our Projects

Take an in depth look into our existing charging stations and how they helped our clients. Find out more about how they're made, what they do, and the impact that a charging station can have on your business.

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Free Consultation

Reserve a time to speak with our team so we can determine the best solution custom tailored to your business. It's fast, free, and on your time. We will provide an in depth explanation of our services and how AMP can provide value to your business

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